At a certain point, each site owner has a question when he/she wants to grow their business: • what is better, SEO service or PPC service? • Which website promotion option is the most rational to use in my situation? • Perhaps the best option is a combination of the two methods? Before you decide for yourself the question of search engine optimization or contextual advertising, you need to understand how contextual advertising differs from search promotion.

Contextual advertising (PPC management services) is an advertisement for your business in search engines, on partner sites. As a rule, such advertising is displayed above and below the search results in the body of the partner site page. The display of ads depends on the user’s requests and interests.

Search engine optimization (SEO)is a progressive improvement in the structure and “completeness” of site content; Adaptation of the site according to the requirements ( Google’s requirements for Webmasters ), due to which search engine algorithms determine the website for more relevant user requests.

Compare what better SEO or PPC for your business is?

PPC, pay per click or contextual advertising
Contextual advertising by the ppc management company is the most often used in cases where it is necessary to achieve a quick result in attracting customers. The main goal is to get immediate sales or test a business hypothesis. The number of paid ads placed in search engines is constantly growing, which indicates the popularity and effectiveness of this promotion method.

  • Advantages ofPPC Management Services

• quickly starts and quickly gives a result (24 hours) • suitable for starting promotion work • good for seasonal projects • many different ad formats (remarketing, Google Shopping , Display Network, etc.) • you can quickly test a new product or niche • help quickly check the effectiveness of the new design and changes on the site • allows you to get the target audience on all devices.

Today, this way of attracting users is becoming increasingly popular, and the main reason for this is the rapid achievement of the desired results. If everything is correctly configured, you can feel the effect of launching contextual advertising on the first day, which captivates many business owners and marketers. The main thing here is to fine-tune the campaign and work out relevant vital queries that will bring you users already interested in your product or service. For those who do not have sufficient promotion experience and decided to set up a campaign on their own, this can be much more expensive. So, it’s a better and easy way to hire a PPC advertising company.

PPC is ideal for seasonal projects, or when you need to quickly promote your brand. Studies show that contextual advertising can increase brand awareness by 80%, so even giants like Facebook and Amazon continue to use it. Thus, contextual advertising is developing steadily, due to this, its new types appear: • Remarketing aims to ensure that a user performs a second action. For example, he visits your site, selects a computer mouse, reaches the time of payment, and then suddenly closes the tab. And thanks to remarketing, he will see the advertisement for your store on other sites included in the advertising networks of Google. This will stimulate him to the action you need, for example, to complete the purchase, read the article, etc. • Google Shopping and other price comparison platforms are also an excellent tool for promoting online stores. In addition, within the framework of these services, it is impossible to carry out classical optimization, so the purchase of advertising is the only option. And if you want fast growth of your business through pay per click google services then you can contact Intra Wings digital marketing agency. The effectiveness of banner advertising (CCM) directly depends on how much it matches the theme of the site and the quality of advertising materials. For the best results, setting up contextual advertising should be entrusted to professionals. Yes, you have to pay for it, but this is several times less than if you decide to fully use the trial and error method and choose between SEO and PPC yourself. Contextual advertising is an ideal tool for testing the demand for your product in new niches, and here its advantage over SEO is undeniable. You do not have to wait for a result for months, but quite visible results will appear within a week. The best illustration of the effectiveness of a PPC management agency, is a situation in which you need to quickly determine the effect of a design change or other large-scale changes. In the case when you have little organic traffic, your risk is to spend a few months on it. And contextual advertising will allow you to find out, which of the options improve conversion in just a few days. Finally, contextual advertising will help you reach your target audience no matter which gadget it uses. This is especially important in conditions when the number of users of mobile devices is growing every year, and in some regions, a smartphone is the only way to access the network. In general, if you are targeting mobile traffic, then you can’t do without contextual advertising. Firstly, when the search results are displayed, the user will first see the advertising posts. Secondly, if PC users in 3 cases out of 4 do not reach the second page of Google, then smartphone fans, as a rule, rarely fall below the third position of the first page. This is the area in which the differences between SEO and pay per click google are felt most strongly.

  • How does PPC help SEO?

The first thing to remember in this context is brand protection. As we mentioned, search engine promotion and contextual advertising are simultaneously used even by industry giants. Still, they rely not on blind luck, but data from studies in the USA, according to which 89% of commercial traffic cannot be obtained by organic delivery. Still, you want more information click the link below

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