You have definitely heard about SEO, content writing and digital marketing. There is no need to mention that Digital Marketing is not a new thing in the market. Whether you have knowledge about SEO or not, after going through this blog you will have enough knowledge about SEO content writing.

It is necessary to publish content written about your services to grow online. One can’t go far without content written with the intention to promote and build recognition among masses. SEO is used to optimize the site’s content in such a way that it includes maximum keywords that are being used while searching for a particular topic relating to any kind of business.


Let’s get deep into the need for SEO content writing. Do you know that there are 1 billion sites online? And every second passes with 67k searches on Google. These numbers reveal that it is not that much easy as it looks to build loyal viewership and traffic on the web without using tools and strategies. For making the site prominent, you have to opt Digital Marketing that relieves you from such worries with the help of different methodologies.

Writing good SEO texts is a must. Yes, Intra Wings write for people and for the search engines. If your company websites article or message does not appear on the first page of the search results, it will not be read either. So, quality content writing is crucial. Where you were found a few times ago on a simple keyword is a thing of the past. There is a shift from short tail to long tail keywords. In addition, the arrival of voice search has also changed the way your article or blog is found. But the search engines are also becoming more intelligent. Think of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and the many updates from Google for its search if you really want to expand your business and wants your website, blog or article as well as press releases, infographics and copyright content or product pages to appear on the first page of search engine then contact best content writing services company, Intra Wings.




The most important thing for SEO Content writing is taking into account who is the audience and what are the demographics and overall characteristics of the targeted class. Content highly varies with the mindsets of readers and if their mind isn’t considered during writing then the result might not be as desired.


There is a need to understand the motive behind SEO content. The primary motive is to generate the traffic for the customer and if we talk about the ultimate goal then it is written to secure the good Return on Investment. But there shouldn’t be tradeoff over any one of these goals. If you are willing to achieve these goals contact our professional content writing experts.


Website content writing services SEO requires enormous research because it is what determines the credibility of the brand. There are lots of tools that can help content writers at this stage, so that to maintain the quality of work. The research includes competitor knowledge too which ultimately helps in getting a competitive advantage.

Writing good SEO content (SEO texts) requires more than simply typing and publishing a story. In addition, a number of other elements within your webpage are also important for search engine optimization. You can think of the title of your page (title meta tag), page description (meta description) and the (intermediate) headings within your article.


It is the most important debate for a while. The majority on the web knows that SEO is good for the betterment of site but they don’t exactly how it helps the business. Let’s have a look at it!

Content builds Credibility

It won’t be an exaggerated statement to say that the content helps the brand in making the name authentic because Content describes the viewer how much good brand is conveying the message to the clients.

  • The relevance of a page of your website is determined by analyzing the content based on various factors, including where and how often you use certain words(keywords) in that content.
  • Google measures authority based on the number of links that refers to your page (from other websites) and how reliable those links are.

A word about the links, on the internet, links can be seen as votes but with a small difference: the one with the most votes, so the website with the most incoming links is not always the best in the ranking. It is the quality of the links that is more important.

Quality, of both the incoming links and the content on the website, has become the number1 factor of google, especially since the Google panda and penguin updates.

Content provides a better user experience

Even though it is said that pictures make a better impact on the visitor but according to new research, services are analyzed on the basis of the quality of content. Pictures are usually scanned in a slight gaze while content grasps the actual attention of those who are looking for a service.

If the content is written by keeping in view the audience then it will give a better user experience.

Content provides localized proficiency to site

To be more precise, the strategy of content writers is to make it as the public wants to see. It means if you go for a search of a blog, you will love to read a blog that has conformance with your life. This is what we call ‘providing localized data’.

Analysis and Reassessment is the Key

Content writing helps you in analyzing the response of viewers. It helps the brand owner to assess whether the site has an attraction for the visitor or not. One can easily notice the graph of rising or fall of viewership with the help of the quality of content.

Do you want to write texts and blogs that score high in Google and are easy to read for the users? Then you have to optimize your web pages and blogs through SEO content writing services.

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